Binate is an Endless Runner, where you control 2 cubes and navigate them through an endless generating platform. Collect coins while trying not to fall behind and spend them on cool abilties and colours for your cubes.
Made for fun and to show off on my portfolio.

Ever since working on the game Rattos With Hattos, I've been really interested with the concept of the player controlling multiple objects on screen at once. The panic feeling you get when you notice one of your blocks is dangerously approaching the side of the screen while you were busy trying to collect a coin with the other block. It is one major factors that I think really makes the concept fun and was something I strived for in the development of Binate.

In Binate you can collect coins to purchase new abilities, from giving you an extra life to changing every tile you roll over to turn into a colourful rainbow.


  • Highscores.
  • Buy colours / Abilties with in game currency.
  • No loading screens, seamlessly move from gameplay to the main menu.
  • Clean, simple and easy to us UI.

There is still a lot of work to be done on Binate, but right now I am hoping to release it before the end of the year on iOS & Android for free.