RC Engine

RCEngine is a small simple 2D Engine I made inside the Windows 10 command promptm, coded in C++.

After learning about how I can use a buffer to write to the command prompt, I set out to create a silly engine made entirely inside it. Originally called 'Retro Console Engine' or 'Really Cool Engine', I shorten it down just to a simple RCEngine.

You can render sprites, basic shapes, lines, vertices, and even text.
It was fun seeing how far you could push the command prompt into displaying sprites and even delving into displaying basic 3D shapes. When it was originally designed just for the user to type commands.
The most exciting part about making this would have been the Bitmap parser, It was great fun researching and learning about how BMPs stored their pixel data.

As far as I know, the max amount of colours you can use inside the prompt is 16. Though you can use an palette swap function I made to change colours.
To create palettes just create a 16x1 bitmap and fill it with your choice of colours. Indexing from left to right, starting at 0.

Some of the features I've added:

  • Bitmap Sprite Rendering
  • Basic Shape Rendering (Square, Lines, Circles, vertices/points)
  • Basic Physics
  • Swappable Palettes (up to 16 colours)
  • Spritesheet/Tilemaps Indexing
  • User Input
  • Basic Collision Detection

Their is still a lot of work to do, but the source code for RC Engine can be found on my Github here.