My Shaders

Shaders have always been an interesting topic for me ever since I learnt about their existance. There is nothing quite like them in other aspects of game development, a small bug in shader code can lead to unimaginable cool and trippy visual effects. This is the page where I will be showing off the shaders I write in GLSL and in Unity.
I've only really just begun to delve into shader code, so the page might be a bit bare for now.

Water Shader - GLSL

My first ever water shader, written in GLSL, built inside my C++ OpenGL engine.
The foam edging is fully dynamic, any object sitting in the water will have a foam edge. The low-poly models and textures were made by myself in Blender.


  • Dynamic Edge Foaming
  • Refraction
  • Waves
  • Sun Reflections

Force Field - Unity

Written using Unity's shader API, not using the shader graph. As well as one of my first major Unity shaders.
A force field like effect, with edge intersections, distortion and, fresnels. With a lot of properties for easy change of textures, colours and effects.

You can download it here.
Please give credit with a link to my site if you do use it, thank you. :)


  • Real-time Edge Detection
  • Distortion