Voxit - Voxel Model Editor

A Voxel editor/software coded in C++ using OpenGL, that I made for my love of voxel/pixel art and is one of the biggests solo projects I've created.

My goal of this project was to renew my knowledge on OpenGL and to make a fun, fast and easy to use voxel modeling editor that can export files to work in Unity3D.
Originally I wanted to export to the FBX file format, but the lack of documentation made it hard to work with it.
So I decided to use COLLADA .dae file instead, with a lot more documentation and its XML formatting, it was a lot easier to work with and did exactly what I wanted originally.

Another feature I wanted to add was Shadows. Looking around and researching shadow algorithms I decided that the best approach for Voxit would be to use Cascading Shadow Mapping with a total of 4 cascades.

Some of the features found in Voxit:

  • Lighting & Shadows.
  • Export models. (.DAE)
  • 75x75x75 grid. (Up to 421,875 voxels)
  • Drawing Tools. (Pencil, Eraser, Eyedropper & Gradient)
  • Hotkeys.
  • Saving & Loading. (With a file explorer)
  • Options/Settings.

Some of the libraries I used to create voxit.
ImGUI: Used for the user interface.
stb_image: Load the button icons.
TinyXML-2: Writting voxel data to XML format.

Though the project is done, I am still looking to improve Voxit with new features and optimizations in the future.

The source code for Voxit can be found on my Github here.