Voxit Craft - A Minecraft Clone

Voxit Craft is a Minecraft clone written in C++ and OpenGL.

Ever since I worked on my Voxel Modeling Software I had a scratch to craft myself a Minecraft clone for fun.
I started off in Unity and got quite far, but with the lack of support for multithreading, I decided to scrap it and start again in C++.
It was a tough few weeks but it was a lot of fun to code it and gave me more of an understanding on how to structure multithreaded games, managing memory and how the insides of Minecraft work.

Below is a bunch of features I added.

  • Realtime Voxel Based Lighting
  • Per-Vertex Ambient Occlusion
  • Post Processing Effects
  • Multithreaded
  • Supports Transparent Blocks
  • Player Collisions
  • Particle Effects (With Collisions)
  • Chunk Frustum Culling
  • Water
  • Day/Night Cycle

The source code for Voxit Craft can be found on my Github here.