Whimsical Wares

Whimsical Wares was a project for my second year at AIE, planned and developed in roughly 5-6 months by a small team of 6 called Pixel Flame Studios.

The goal is to build a successful shop and pay your rent in time. To achieve this you must gather resources to sell by hiring adventures to explore the world to gather treasures for you. Your shop is also fully customizable with movable objects and walls, allowing you to build your shop to your heart's content. The game was built for Android and iOS, but never released for them.

My role in Whimsical Wares

My role was lead programmer. I was in charge of the other programmer and most of the major features, including building the prototype and mobile builds. The major scripts I worked on were the shop building, shop grid, UI, controls, camera, AI/pathfinding, object placing and a few other things.

Whimsical Wares can be downloaded here for PC, Android and iOS.